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The Fit5 Ebook s a great fitness starter, giving you meals, training and progress help.

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Most people when they start off in the gym don’t ever follow a program.

And the type of program is dependent on ones fitness and experience levels. However, there is a general rule of thumb when it comes to trying to build muscle. And building muscle is the most important phase with any program because with no base strength foundation its going to be harder to get stronger and without muscle  you cannot train as hard.

So that means if weight loss is your goal, you need more muscle to be able to train harder and to be able to burn more calories, for muscle gains, you need a base level of strength so that in your next phase of your routine you can really start pumping more weight and build a bigger frame.

My FIT 5 program is the perfect 5 week progressive overload program that with set you up for whatever you want to do with your next phase of training. If you don’t track your workouts, you will forever wonder aimlessly in the gym trying to achieve you desired physique. But if you have a plan, the results, and overall feel of your training will improve exponentially

The program is a 5 day a week gym program. The idea is to build as much volume in your training as you can. Along with the gym program you are required to go for 1 run per week. Each week you build in the number of sets, reps, weight or distance in your program. By the end you should be lifting more than you did before and you should be smashing some PB’s on your runs.

Now that you have the Training program and are tracking your progress in the gym, you need to do the same in the kitchen. That’s where the FIT 5 meals come into play. You get 5 week’s worth of my own tried and tested recipes. Each week you follow and new set of melas and there is instructions and guidance along the way to help you out with any challenges that may arise during this time.

You will be sent a link to my youtube page which will have all the exercises demonstrated by me

Reach out via email to me directly so that we can go over and find the best possible solution.

There will be a list of food and the end of meal plan that show what you can substitute with what in the chance you don’t like something or you are not allowed to eat

I would suggest reaching out to our admin page direct to go over what is happening with your program. For some people the starting calorie base is too high so we might need to lower it, but we will take on each individuals circumstances as they come.

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