Hear from others!

I've had some great feedback over there years. Here's some testimonials I received with permission to post, from a few different kinds of clients

Actually I weighed my self yesterday but couldn’t believe the result so I did it again to make sure it’s true
it’s 64.2 kg (first that I started it was 68.4 kg)
More than 4 kilograms in 5 weeks
Also walking 10k became a habit and it’s a part of my routine now.
I tried many meal plans before but none of them could help me with my craving for snacks and sweets.
This time I was full all the times
I also realized fasting works for me
Thanks for the best plan ever!
Annika Meal PLans

I have tried many different gym challenges and other programs to get into shape, I have found no better program that the fit 5 challenge with Steven, Steven regularly follows up and adjusts the program to ensure that you can hit your goals that you have set out to do. The meals that he puts together are simple and tasty and with the variation of foods every week ensures you don’t get bored, I highly recommend the Fit 5 Challenge

Tim Online

Hi I’m Sebastian almost 50 years of age , I have been a client of Steven’s for about 6-7 years and it’s probably one of the best things I have done for myself and my health. The training and the advice and meal plans that he provides are second to none . For myself it was the training provided with his encouragement and pushing myself that I am where I am right now . Whether Cold , Hot , early morning or late evening it didn’t make a difference I would be there because it is where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do and that is to be trained by the best there is . He specifically targets your training needs and he knows what you are capable of doing . Personally for myself he has brought me back from the brink of becoming a casualty of non-activeness , and for that I will be forever grateful.

Seb Training

Fit 5 gave me the structure and accountability I needed to stick to my goal. The Fit 5 program structure is easy to understand and record my progress which motivates me to do better each session.

I have learned how to keep track of my portion sizes, how to stay consistent in the gym and the importance of eating for weight loss.

After completing this round Fit 5 program, I have taken away how to balance a healthy lifestyle while still going out and enjoying my life.

Stipo Online