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I'm Steven Topa

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My name is Steven, and I am a dedicated personal trainer with over 12 years of experience in helping people achieve their fitness goals. I believe that fitness is a lifestyle, and my goal is to inspire and motivate my clients to embrace a healthier way of life.

As an athlete myself, I understand the importance of a personalized approach to fitness training. Every individual is unique, with their own strengths, weaknesses, and fitness goals. With my experience and expertise, I work with clients to create customized training programs that are tailored to their specific needs, and help them achieve their fitness goals efficiently and effectively.

My fitness philosophy is rooted in the belief that strength, mobility, and balance are key to a healthy body and mind. I focus on full-body workouts that incorporate functional movements and strength training, while also emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition and rest.

My goal is to empower my clients with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their fitness objectives and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re interested in inquiring with me about my coaching options please contact me today

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You will be sent a link to my youtube page which will have all the exercises demonstrated by me

Reach out via email to me directly so that we can go over and find the best possible solution.

There will be a list of food and the end of meal plan that show what you can substitute with what in the chance you don’t like something or you are not allowed to eat.

I would suggest reaching out to our admin page direct to go over what is happening with your program. For some people the starting calorie base is too high so we might need to lower it, but we will take on each individuals circumstances as they come.